Meet Sell My Detroit House

Nick Sehy

Hello, I am Nick Sehy, the head of SellMyDetroitHouse. Growing up as a kid in the suburbs of Detroit, there is a nostalgia and love I have for Detroit. From going to Tigers and Wings games with my family to visiting the DIA, the Detroit Zoo, and running the Turkey Trot every year, I feel like I have experienced some of the best things the city has to offer.

After starting at U of D Jesuit, my family moved to Texas. I ended up receiving my Electrical Engineering Degree at UT Austin and eventually moving to Seattle to work as a software engineer for Microsoft. During my time, I became entranced in Real Estate. I enjoyed analyzing homes, seeing how it can be redesigned, and recreating something that someone didn’t want to the best house on the block. I am excited to be a part of the Detroit Renaissance. Allow me to make an offer on your home today!

Kaleef Williams – Acquisition/Disposition

Coming from a family with over 60 years of combined investment experience. I decided to go full-time in the long-time family business in 2017. I’ve helped countless families and investors alike whether it be selling a property that was burdensome or buying a property to get one home closer to financial freedom. My goal is the same to provide a hassle-free solution to your real estate needs.