Sell to a Cash Home Buyer if You Are Facing Foreclosure


The Foreclosure sale of a home can be a process that is exhausting, daunting, and can take a lot of time. Our daily lives always keep us busy, and finding the time to hire a realtor to handle details cannot be easy, as it would also be for prepping the house for selling it, and to deal with the display of the home to buyers. 

You can get past all this hassle and speed up the process by selling your home for cash. It makes for a stress-free way to move out and ensuring that your house gets up on the market at the earliest.   

People who invest in cash will prefer to fix up the home by themselves and then put it on the market, and this can save you the hassles of doing repairs that can turn out quite costly, as well as do away with any need to list your house. Cash buyers will purchase your home the way it is, and often offer you a reasonable price. 

This fast selling of your home can turn out to be a lifesaver if you are facing foreclosure. 

If an investor makes a reasonable cash offer, the sale of your home can be fast and convenient. 

If you are looking for a stress-free process for the sale of your home, or need some quick cash, it can be of great benefit if you sell your home for cash.

1. Sales Are Less likely to Fall Through

A cash sale circumvents the familiar process of selling a home, which is to accept an offer that at times can fall through if the buyer cannot arrange a loan, or does not qualify for one. When an investor passes along the cash, there are fewer chances of his backing out or getting cold feet on the transaction. On average, it takes 1 to 3 weeks for closing out cash sales, while for a conventional sale this period can be as long as 4 to 7 weeks. Also, cash sales are normally carried out on an as-is basis, and there is no need for any repainting or repairs that can delay the transaction.

2. You Get to Keep All the Money

Selling a house for cash can help you to do without the services of a realtor. As a result, there are no closing fees as would be the case of a traditional home sale. You will in effect be selling your home directly to a buyer, and this will help you to avoid any extra fees that you may otherwise have to pay to third parties. So the total amount offered for the home remains with you and can save you thousands of dollars that you may otherwise have to pay out as commissions to real estate agents. 

3. The Sale is Fast

If your home is facing foreclosure, a home sale for cash happens fast and this can be a major attraction for homeowners having this difficulty. There is no need for an estate agent to look the house over, or for the need to host open houses endlessly, till someone shows interest. 

There is also no need to wait for banks to approve the loans of your buyer and this is a big advantage. It can take just a few days or weeks to get yourself a home buyer, and you will in this short period have the money in your hand, and will have got rid of your home. So, this is the way to go if you need quick cash, or there is an emergency that needs you to arrange for quick cash, a situation that comes up when you are divorcing or for any other reason. 

4. Repairs Are Not Needed

A conventional house sale will require you to make sure that your home is cleaned and made ready for viewing and selling. The alternative route of cash sales helps you to avoid the need for restorations, interior decoration, repairs, and deep cleaning and you do not have to make any preparations for selling your home.

5. The Process is Simple and Straightforward

You just need to make a phone call for initiating the process of the sale of your home. When you talk with a cash buyer you will be required to give information about the home and what you consider its potential value. They will then look into the neighborhood, its background, and the likely value of the property as well as that of surrounding properties. 

Once this has been carried out the buyer will schedule a home visit and make a personal visit to your property. He is likely to make you an offer on the spot or will get in touch with you within 24 hours with an estimate of the cash he can offer you.

If the price is to your liking, you can proceed with the sale. It is possible to close the sale within 7 days and to protect your interest as well as that of the buyer, this must be done in a lawyer’s office. 

Final Thoughts

If you are confronted with a foreclosure, the sale of your property to a cash buyer can bring you a lot of benefits. Selling your house for cash is a process that is difficult to beat, because of the speed, convenience, and value that comes with it. 

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